Iron Mining Association


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IMA Office Information

The IMA office is located downtown Duluth in the Medical Arts Building (324 West Superior Street) in Suite 502.

During legislative session, IMA President Kelsey Johnson is only in the office Fridays. 

The IMA office is available to visiting members for conferences, use of office equipment, etc. by appointment.

Our People

The bedrock of the iron mining industry is the people who run the mines and companies that supply the products and services to the mines. They are highly educated, motivated and experienced workers. While iron mining experiences market fluctuations like other global commodities, the one constant is dedicated people who make mining possible.

The mines employ:

  • engineers
  • chemists
  • biologist
  • environmental managers
  • geologists
  • accountants
  • safety and health specialists
  • machinery operators
  • welders
  • instrument and control technicians
  • computer specialists


These same professions are found in support companies, which also employ trade workers who build and maintain the facilities:

  • machinists
  • construction laborers
  • heavy machinery operators
  • consulting engineers and project managers.